Month: June 2020

Are you finding the best turtle food to feed?

Turtle is very small and so cute, especially they are babies. If you have a new baby turtle, first of all you should learn how to take care of them because they are not famous pets. When you are taking care of new turtles, the foremost thing you will want to know is what and how to feed them in order to keep them healthy. Nowadays, there are wide varieties of turtle food available in the market with different shapes and sizes, which can be made with several different ingredients. You can even purchase the small pellet foods and flakes that are sold particularly for baby turtles.

One of the most common foods for turtle is buying the turtle sticks. This is good for any kind of turtles including the baby turtle. The water turtles will most likely to eat very larger floating pellets. If your baby turtle get the all essential vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy, you can continue to feed those pellets, flakes and sticks. They have been specially made to contain complete healthy and essential nutrients in order to keep your baby turtle strong and also well cared for. You can also feed them cooked poultry, eggs and shells. If you require a slight alternative in the diet, you must consider fish foods to feed them.

Pick the right food for turtle

Of course, the turtles are amazing pets as well as companions and they do not require more attention. However, taking care of turtles need some time and effort. When you are feeding your turtle, first of all, you want to know what is important for them, what kind of nutrition they need, when feed your turtle, how much and what helps them to become healthy and strong. The perfect quantity of food may differ from one turtle species to another, so there is a basic guideline available that you want to follow:

what do turtle eat

Protein content

Protein is a most important nutrient for baby turtles that make them become stronger and healthier.

Natural ingredients

The turtles can eat a vast array of foods such as insects, plants and small fish.

Vitamin C and calcium

Calcium is more essential for the growth of a healthy as well as a strong turtle. Without it in the turtle’s diet, it also leads to a vast array of health issues such as egg bound female turtles and soft shell.

Floating pellets

It is good to buy turtle food that remains afloat and make it simple for your turtle to eat.


Why Bow Trolling Motors Are the Best

There is a lot of debate surrounding electric trolling motors, and the reason behind this is that there are two kinds that you can look into. We are of the opinion that bow trolling motors are without a shadow of a doubt the best of the best because of the fact that they are much more convenient. Bow motors go on the bow of the ship, obviously. If you are not familiar with maritime jargon then the bow of the ship is basically the front, which means that a bow trolling motor is essentially going to be at the front of the ship as well.

There are a number of benefits associated with this sort of thing. For starters, when you have a motor at the front of your ship you are going to be able to better determine where the good catches are and plan accordingly. Not to mention the fact that this is something that can really help you a lot in terms of the kind of benefits it can provide to your overall catch quantities. If you see fish in a certain direction, you can point your boat in that direction and rest assured that no matter what happens you would be able to make the most of your boat all in all.

electric trolling motors

The chances of damage occurring will be much lower as well since you would be able to avoid your motor hitting anything and steer it away. This is more difficult for motors that are at the back, and your maneuvering might actually result in a fair amount of damage if you are not extremely careful. All in all, this is the better option for you in a lot of ways.