The Change In Telugu Films

Among one of the most phenomenal Telugu movies is the flick ARJUN REDDY. It was dubbed as the game-changer in Telugu films. Moviegoers, in addition to a movie critic, rave about it from the day of its release. It is claimed to be one of its kind Telugu movies. Some also stated they are unable to surpass the motion picture as well as maintain experiencing the tale in their mind. That is the perception it has developed.

The factor behind its success apparently, is the star that played ARJUN REDDY. He has provided such efficiency by making moviegoers feel the personality’s feelings.

The second factor is the director who made it feasible since he narrates the story in a very excellent manner. Even though it was his directorial launching, he didn’t fall short of the moviegoers. He has a style of making the actors perform the means they do, and also, it was skillfully done.

All in all, the motion picture succeeded due to how it was represented. ARJUN REDDY is simple to connect with. He’s your normal man who feels hatred, joy, irritation, as well as sadness – and also shows it.

The motion picture influences like nothing else Telugu film has done and also can be called as an unforgettable Telugu film you can check in aha. View Currently completely Telugu motion pictures and internet collection.


As the title suggests, the plot sets around Kondaveeti. He is an orphan that was increased by the tribal individuals in their village. Upon his return to the town from Hyderabad, he was appalled to discover that the local mafia and also proprietors were abusing the village. Political corruption abounds, and also there is a failed legal system. Kondaveeti determined to act as well as assist the villagers by changing himself right into a Robin Hood or an individual who robs the abundant to offer to the bad. Much to the fierceness of the corrupt officials. Will he have the ability to receive and also aid his people?


The plot states regarding a brand-new trainee in a university called Shiva. He opposes the notorious campus leader called JD. JD is the president of the union for college students, that are so effective in the school that even the principal doesn’t attempt to offer him and his gang corrective actions.

Upon Shiva’s arrival at the university, the power battle follows as he takes on JD’s gang and to the others who are bullies at university. Shiva doesn’t simply battle one opponent. However, more challenge awaits him in this movie.


The flick narrates about Harsha, that is a dirt-bike racer. He passed a lady when driving one day, as well as had a recall of a picture that he can not comprehend. He looked for the lady as well as was converted that the woman in front of him named INDU was a various lady entirely, yet it was INDU that caused the recall. When a team of men attempted to bother the woman, Harsha safeguarded her, making her love Harsha.

In another scene, Harsha remained in his previous life and also met INDU allegedly his love passion in his earlier life. Lots of points occur in the next stage, a far-off relative coveting Indu, a near-death experience as well as a flashback of past life that needs to be integrated with the here and now life. Watch telugu movies online in aha ott platform.