What are the reasons behind corona virus?

Corona is a group of virus. People are now affected by a virus from that family. The virus is named as 2019-nCOV. This usually affects animals and birds. Once the virus gets mutated, it started affecting humans. Due to mutation, it starts to spread through air. However, it cannot spread through air with any kind of medium. To spread through air, virus needs droplet nuclei.

What are droplet nuclei?

While human or animals sneeze, the saliva blown out will mix into air. The saliva blown out during sneezing is referred as droplet nuclei. The size of nuclei is 1 to 5 micrometer. This droplet is more minute which is even hard to see through microscope.

Virus gets into this droplet and starts to spread through air. In single droplet nuclei, 1-4 viruses can occupy. When travelling through air, virus starts to get into human body while breathing.

Since this is a newly mutated virus, medicines of other virus will not work out. Every virus has its different genetic data. Likewise 2019-nCOV also has different genetic data. It will not work out with the other virus treating medicine.

corona virus

To invent medicine for the virus, two facts are essential. One is the origin of virus and other is its genetic data. As the receptor of this virus is similar to SARS, medicine invention is getting easier.

Safety precautions

Since there is not medicine invented for this virus yet, it is obligatory to have safety precautions. Some of the safety precautions are listed below.

  • As the virus is Airborne, it is suspected to found all over the space. Due to this fact, crowded places should be avoided.
  • Virus react fasters when it get on hand. So it is mandatory to wash hands as soon as making any kind of activity or before using hands to do things on face.

What to do if a person is affected?

Corona virus is deadly one but not for all. Affecting with this virus does mean to death. If that person has strong immune system, they can get recovered faster. This viral infection is curable one. Most prominent people to stay cautious are the kids and senior citizens who relatively have less immune power.

The corona virus recovery list is increasing and it is not the time to panic. People should always have the hygienic routine. For more detailed record on this virus attack, Click here.