What important documents do you need to check when buying a used car?

Buying a used car can be a smart decision for you in a case when you get it in good condition. Sometimes people change their vehicle because they get bored with it. Different sellers have their different reasons for re-selling the car. But if it is being sold due to any deficiency then you should alert and try to avoid these cars. People like to buy used nissan in sherman oaks due to its brilliant performance. Before buying a used car, one more important step you have to taken is to check the legal papers of the vehicle. The used car industry is very vast now it becomes online also. It becomes tough for us to know whose seller is genuine and who is wrong. Few times, stolen cars are also sold and the buyer does not even know. Original car documents will help you in knowing it. Some important documents that you need to check at the time of buying used cars are:

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  1. Registration certificate: An essential document of the vehicle is its registration certificate. It is provided by the RTO that having all the primary information about the vehicle including engine number and chassis number.
  2. Insurance papers: A genuine car seller will surely have insurance papers. This document tells you about all past accidents and claims.
  3. Road tax receipt: Road tax is a one-time tax that has to be paid by the first car owner. Many people do not deposit this tax and its value increases with time. At the time of re-selling now, it becomes the responsibility of the second owner to deposit. So to avoid this load check whether the owner has deposited it or not at the time of purchase.
  4. Car invoice: Ask the owner to show the original invoice receipt of the car.

Conclusion: Buying used cars is a good but risky decision. If you miss even a little, then this deal can cost you dearly. Checking of original papers of the used car is a necessary step before purchasing it.