The Best Chocolate Cake Singapore

Society as a whole, have the premises for a decent¬†chocolate cake singapore: they should be sweet, soggy, not too fuzzy, and overflowing with a rich chocolate flavor. Life is too short to even consider wasting the calories in horrible heat – so here’s a rundown on where one can discover Singapore’s best chocolate cakes. Any of these will make Bruce de Matilda cry with joy. No dry or bland cakes, website guarantee.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

For something liberal and arbitrary, the Three Chocolate Cake ($49 for 500g, $98 for 1kg) from French patisserie Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is the smartest choice. As its name suggests, it is made up of three types of chocolate – luxurious white, milk, and dark chocolate mousse with layers of dark chocolate towelette – so one can partake of the best of all universes with a single bite. The marriage of the various types of chocolate results in a decent kind of sweet and harsh, and will tempt the taste buds.

Lana Cake Shop (Lana Cakes)

When discussing chocolate cakes, Lana Cake Shop in a split second rings a bell. Established by Ms. Violet Kwan in 1964, who then, at that time, resigned in 2016, Lana’s most beloved and untouched chocolate cake of all ($44 for 800g) is sticky, soft, and non-oppressive. The characteristic? A thick, shiny fudge that wraps around the entire cake. It even has a nostalgic flavor for many Singaporeans. Lana Cakes’ only retail outlet on Greenwood Avenue has been in business for over fifty years and is still the right place to satisfy the chocolate cake cravings. Many say one won’t see chocolate cakes the same way again every time one tries some pieces. Start placing the orders, details. One needs to place the orders somewhere about seven days ahead of time and it’s practically difficult to take a tour.


Another commonly recognized conventional name that Singaporeans revere, Vicky’s Cakes is known for its Signature Fudge Cake ($44 for 800g, $55 for 1kg) – a work of art, the retro chocolate toilet that is lavishly topped with its unmistakable fudge of chocolate. Dull, rich, and very habit-forming, this section of chocolate goodness certainly brightens the faculties. The website says that this is the ideal cake for a child’s birthday party – or, let’s face it, an adult’s.