A Checklist of Documents to Look for When Choosing a Used Car

Documents are a vital feature of any police cruiser. When purchasing a new vehicle, these are readily available to us. However, this may not be the case when purchasing a used vehicle. The seller may forget or purposefully keep them away from you. Whatever the reason, you should also be aware of which documents to obtain and inspect when purchasing a used cars in El Cajon.

Authorization of the Register:

The first and most important document to inspect when purchasing a used car is the title. This document serves as an identity proof for the car and its owner; if the information on the RC matches the information on the car, it is genuine. Keep an eye out for a duplicate RC; always request an original and walk away if one is not available. Keep an eye out for ownership details, such as whether the owner is the first or second owner; an authentic RC will have all of these details listed on it.

Vehicle Purchase File:

The invoice for the car that was purchased this is another important document to keep an eye on because it will contain all of the details about the used cars in El Cajon and will allow you to spot any differences. Furthermore, this serves as proof that the car belongs to the seller.


used cars in el cajon

Motor insurance is a legal requirement for all vehicles. Another reason you should request insurance from the seller of used cars in El Cajon is that it will tell you whether or not the seller has made any claims, thereby informing you whether or not the vehicle was involved in an accident.

Emissions certificate:

A vital and required document, the pollution under control certificate is a measurement of your vehicle’s emission levels. The emission level of a car also tells you about the engine’s condition. This can also be obtained separately from a PUC centre.

Double Gasoline Permit:

If the vehicle runs on two fuels, i.e., petrol and CNG, the registration should state this, and the seller should also provide a NOC issued by the RTO. Also, demand that the seller provide you with a receipt for the retrofitted kit.

Authorization Certificate:

If the vehicle is being transferred within the state, i.e., within the same city, a CC (Clearance Certificate) is required. A NOC is required if the transfer is from another state or region. Bear in mind that if the vehicle has a lender on it, it would not be released with a CC/NOC until the loan is paid off.