Determination of the optimal number of plays

It is difficult to determine the number of plays for users who play without a strategy. But such players at need to remember that without a working theory systemic game, it is almost impossible to be in the black in the long run. In a short distance of 2-3 months, you can accidentally achieve a positive result due to luck. On a long one at least from 6 months it is difficult to do this.

The user analyzes the matches and sees that within the current day it is possible to place 3 promising plays according to the strategy, and on the next day – 5 plays. If in the course of analytical work it turned out that there is not a single normal option, then the number of plays is 0. If there are no promising matches for 3 days, then there is no point in playing in the gaming shop during this time. Suppose, after such a “downtime” in one day, 7 attractive options were revealed according to the working strategy used, which means that 7 plays need to be placed in the office.

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The optimal number of plays by odds

Many players put quotes in the range of 1.5-2. Let’s compare two players. One puts an average of 1.5 odds, and the second – 2.In order to go positive on quotes 2, it must win from 51% of rates. A positive result at 1.5 is possible if 67% of the play is successful. This is a big break. A player who plays on 2 may need 50 plays to get a profit, but for a user who plays on 1.5, this number of iterations may not be enough.

The lower the coefficient, the more often you need to win and play more. There is such a phenomenon in gaming as a black bar.  Even tough pros can lose 6-8 plays in a row. It is worth imagining that both of the conditional players taken above immediately lost 8 plays in a row, after which the winning plays began to be fixed more often. A user playing by 2 will need less time and iterations to get to zero and a subsequent plus, compared to someone who selects events by 1.5. But over time, another losing streak can happen, after which you need to recoup. It is for this reason that a user with 1.5 has to play more often. After going a long distance, during which there was a minus in one or several months, the user will understand what is the optimal number of plays he should have.