Get little knowledge on commercial generator maintanence

You are undoubtedly already aware of the portability and versatility of a portable generator. But are you certain that its versatility and power will be available when you require it? The importance of maintenance in the ownership of a portable generator cannot be overstated. Inadequate maintenance of your portable generator may result in hard starting and inefficiency. So, use these portable commercial generator servicing maintenance suggestions to keep your backup power source running smoothly.

Filters and plugs

Your generator would be useless if it didn’t have a method to breathe and a mechanism to ignite the gas in the engine’s cylinders. Replace your spark plug and air filter every 200 hours of operation, or at least once a season.


Replace the battery

Although not all portable generators have a battery, those that do have an electric start should be fully charged before storing. If possible, charge the battery with a trickle charger to keep it fresh and ready for use when you need it.

Fresh oil is beneficial

Changing the oil is an important aspect in preserving the reliability of any small-engine power equipment. Replace the oil as majority of new commercial generator servicing require their initial oil change after only 30 hours of operation.

After the initial oil change, subsequent oil changes are only required every 100 hours of use, or per season at the very least. Stock up on oil, oil filters, and even gas to be ready for unexpected extended power outages.

Stabilizer for gasoline

If you intend to store your generator for more than a month, make sure to drain the fuel from the tank. Begin by adding a quality gas stabiliser to your tank’s fuel, and then operate the unit for around 15 minutes. Allow the engine to cool before starting and running it until it runs out of gas and shuts down.

While these storage strategies help a lot, it’s always a good idea to start your generator every 30 days and let it run for a few minutes. By circulating the oil throughout the engine, you can assist keep components lubricated.