Types and important factors to consider for choosing pergola design

You can enhance the beauty of your backyard by installing pergolas. Because pergolas require a lot of money to be installed, you must make sure that you select the right pergola plans to follow. Your first step will be to select a pergola design that complements the home of your backyard. In the following section, you will find information about the various types of pergolas that are currently available on the market.

 Types of pergolas

 Entryway pergolas

A pergola at the entryway might look like an arbor at the entrance. Their main purpose is to generate an interesting visual transition in the yard. Instead of fence gates, they provide an attractive and creative alternative. In addition to climbing plants, you can add climbing flowers such as clematis, ivy, and roses to enhance their looks.

 Walkway pergolas

The basic features of walkway pergolas are similar to those of entryway pergolas. Walkway pergolas are located along a path and are typically found in yards or on sidewalks as opposed to entryway pergolas, which are normally located near the door. It adds a dramatic touch to a yard or sidewalk for some people. You can use them to cover swimming pools, gardens, and garage walks to create functional surfaces.

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In addition to selecting a pergola type, you need to consider a few other factors when drafting pergola plans. Below you will find information about those factors:

 Size: You will need to determine how much space you can dedicate to a pergola in your backyard. The cost of the pergola is directly related to its size. Thus, budget is an important factor to consider when choosing a pergola size.

Shade: You can choose pergola designs with a little or a lot of shade, depending on your preferences. Vegetation can be used to increase shading later. Utilizing vining plants for shade has the advantage of providing more shade in the summer months and less shade in the winter.

Materials: The type of materials used for pergolas is also an important factor in determining their cost. Cedar is the most commonly used wood type for this purpose. Vinyl is a good option for individuals on a budget. Aluminium pergolas are a good option for individuals who want smaller pieces.

Shape: If you don’t decide on its shape your pergola plans won’t be complete. Pergolas tend to vary in shape depending on the area they cover. Extensions are available for some pergola kits so that you can change the shape, as needed.