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The Mystery Of Making FabulousBeef Jerky Seasoning

Beef jerky is a variety of snack made by curing beef in a pickling mixture and dehydrating it. Red meat preserved with this approach show prolonged shelf life and a distinctivetaste. The development of this meat treatingskill is credited to Native Americans who dried meat with the use of smoke to sustain it.The secret to making this snack is beef jerky seasoning.

Steps of preparation

  • Slicing: The meat needs to be cut into thin strips. This is best done when the meat is taken out from the refrigerator, cold.
  • Curing solution: Sauces, beef jerky seasoning like pepper, garlic, salt, and onion are combined to make the incredible curing solution for the meat to marinate in.
  • Marination: This step is carried out in a metal pan that would not react. The meat is immersed in the curing solution and refrigerated for over 8 hours. This can be stored inside a plastic zip-lock bag too.
  • Draining: Take a flat-surfaced pan and spread tissue papers on it covering the entire surface. The meat taken out from the marinade is put on this pan to remove excess liquid.
  • Smoke-dry: The pan-paper-meat set-up is smoked for the next 3 hours at a temperature below 140 degrees Celsius. After 3 hours, check the state of the meat. If satisfactory, turn off the smoker.
  • Bagging: Soon after taking the meat out of the smoker, transfer it to a plastic bag. Pop open a tiny opening inside for the vapour from the hot meat to escape.
  • Storage and use: The bagged jerky is stored in the freezer and used as per requirement.

The quality of beef jerky varies with the quality of meat used in the preparation. Less fat is preferred because otherwise, chances for rancidity is more. When choosing beef, pick a bright red one devoid of spots and scars. The flavour can vary with the smoke as well. Charcoal gives a different flavour than that of electric smokers.


Why Is A Restaurant With A View Important?

How do you decide on a restaurant? Will the occasion influence your decision? Or is food a significant factor? Isn’t it also important to consider service, atmosphere, and location – restaurant with a view? Or do you prefer open places – the sky and stars? Everyone has their reasons for choosing a restaurant, whether one knows about it or not. When you take the time to choose, you are often rewarded with a fantastic gastronomic experience centred on the atmosphere of the restaurant and the attitude of the staff serving you. The time you spend with your partner or food at a restaurant is special, thus, you must take time to choose a restaurant.

At times, all you want to do is sit down and eat. But every now and then, you make an effort to make dining out an enjoyable experience. Some of you might be well-versed in what to look for. However, for those who are unsure how to make your restaurant visit a memorable one, here are some restaurant experience tips.

Location of the Restaurant

Choose a restaurant that is within walking distance. Why so? When you want to have a good time, driving afterwards can be a major issue. So, choose a restaurant that is close by and easy to get to by walking or taking a cab. Another money for a cab to a restaurant is an unnecessary expense. Isn’t? Although, if you are someone who loves driving then the case can be different enough. Also, of course, it’s different when the setting is truly spectacular: a restaurant with a view – a lake, seaside, riverside, or a spectacular view of a mountain or architectural gem. However, the food must be excellent in order to justify the cost of cab ride, if you think economically.

Ambience Matters

The restaurant may be beautiful, but the décor may not be to your liking. If it’s about a restaurant, go to a place where you like the general vibe. Do they have good music? How loudly do you want it? Take a look at the people who frequent the restaurant. If you enjoy being around these people while you eat your dinner, then go ahead and reserve a table for yourself. Perhaps a table away from the kitchen doors and not beneath the air conditioner. However, the case can be different for some people as well. When you’re in a restaurant, you sometimes have to work. Go to restaurants with private rooms for meetings where you need to discuss serious business.

What is Confinement Delivery Packages Singapore?

Confinement food packages are mainly designed to recondition the mother’s body. Human body requires the appropriate food to digest, build up health as well as absorb the required nutrients from their daily meals. Some of the facts about confinement delivery packages Singapore have been discussed in this article.

What type of confinement food is necessary? 

Mothers are mainly motivated to consume food that is beneficial for strengthening the joints. This also supports healthy lactation and avoids eating cooling food excessively during her confinement.

The healthy balanced meal is mainly composed of:

  1. Two portions of the vegetables
  2. One portion of the protein
  3. One portion of the non-meat protein
  4. One portion of the carbohydrate

Top factors to consider for choosing the desired confinement delivery company 

  1. Length of the package: If someone is considering the confinement meal delivery service. One must be prepared to set aside the particular amount for  28-day service which includes lunch and dinner. Many of the shorter packages include 7 days, 14 day as well as 21 days. One can also opt for a single meal a day in comparison to two meals daily.
  2. Food menu: The typical confinement meal mainly consists of one meat or fish dish, a single vegetable dish, one soup, and a portion of white rice, brown rice, or noodles. Some of the companies mainly include a complimentary drink with each of the meals. Dishes mainly differ according to each company. This is mainly to check their respective websites for details on the menu that they mainly offer.
  3. The delivery method: The companies must ensure that meals are being delivered warm.
  4. The trial meals and promotions: Most of the confinement meal delivery services mainly offer the trial meal before signing up for the package. A few of the companies mainly have some of the special promotions like free lactation cookies, vouchers, discounts, and more. 

The confinement food for the natural birth mothers needs to be nutritious as well as light. One may also have read that the food calorie is an essential factor for those ladies who mainly wish to slim down as well as stay healthy. One can cancel their confinement food orders without completing all of their sessions. The confinement package prices mainly include the delivery fees to their homes. These are some of the important facts to know about confinement delivery packages in Singapore.

The Best Chocolate Cake Singapore

Society as a whole, have the premises for a decent chocolate cake singapore: they should be sweet, soggy, not too fuzzy, and overflowing with a rich chocolate flavor. Life is too short to even consider wasting the calories in horrible heat – so here’s a rundown on where one can discover Singapore’s best chocolate cakes. Any of these will make Bruce de Matilda cry with joy. No dry or bland cakes, website guarantee.

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier

For something liberal and arbitrary, the Three Chocolate Cake ($49 for 500g, $98 for 1kg) from French patisserie Laurent Bernard Chocolatier is the smartest choice. As its name suggests, it is made up of three types of chocolate – luxurious white, milk, and dark chocolate mousse with layers of dark chocolate towelette – so one can partake of the best of all universes with a single bite. The marriage of the various types of chocolate results in a decent kind of sweet and harsh, and will tempt the taste buds.

Lana Cake Shop (Lana Cakes)

When discussing chocolate cakes, Lana Cake Shop in a split second rings a bell. Established by Ms. Violet Kwan in 1964, who then, at that time, resigned in 2016, Lana’s most beloved and untouched chocolate cake of all ($44 for 800g) is sticky, soft, and non-oppressive. The characteristic? A thick, shiny fudge that wraps around the entire cake. It even has a nostalgic flavor for many Singaporeans. Lana Cakes’ only retail outlet on Greenwood Avenue has been in business for over fifty years and is still the right place to satisfy the chocolate cake cravings. Many say one won’t see chocolate cakes the same way again every time one tries some pieces. Start placing the orders, details. One needs to place the orders somewhere about seven days ahead of time and it’s practically difficult to take a tour.


Another commonly recognized conventional name that Singaporeans revere, Vicky’s Cakes is known for its Signature Fudge Cake ($44 for 800g, $55 for 1kg) – a work of art, the retro chocolate toilet that is lavishly topped with its unmistakable fudge of chocolate. Dull, rich, and very habit-forming, this section of chocolate goodness certainly brightens the faculties. The website says that this is the ideal cake for a child’s birthday party – or, let’s face it, an adult’s.

Are you finding the best turtle food to feed?

Turtle is very small and so cute, especially they are babies. If you have a new baby turtle, first of all you should learn how to take care of them because they are not famous pets. When you are taking care of new turtles, the foremost thing you will want to know is what and how to feed them in order to keep them healthy. Nowadays, there are wide varieties of turtle food available in the market with different shapes and sizes, which can be made with several different ingredients. You can even purchase the small pellet foods and flakes that are sold particularly for baby turtles.

One of the most common foods for turtle is buying the turtle sticks. This is good for any kind of turtles including the baby turtle. The water turtles will most likely to eat very larger floating pellets. If your baby turtle get the all essential vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy, you can continue to feed those pellets, flakes and sticks. They have been specially made to contain complete healthy and essential nutrients in order to keep your baby turtle strong and also well cared for. You can also feed them cooked poultry, eggs and shells. If you require a slight alternative in the diet, you must consider fish foods to feed them.

Pick the right food for turtle

Of course, the turtles are amazing pets as well as companions and they do not require more attention. However, taking care of turtles need some time and effort. When you are feeding your turtle, first of all, you want to know what is important for them, what kind of nutrition they need, when feed your turtle, how much and what helps them to become healthy and strong. The perfect quantity of food may differ from one turtle species to another, so there is a basic guideline available that you want to follow:

what do turtle eat

Protein content

Protein is a most important nutrient for baby turtles that make them become stronger and healthier.

Natural ingredients

The turtles can eat a vast array of foods such as insects, plants and small fish.

Vitamin C and calcium

Calcium is more essential for the growth of a healthy as well as a strong turtle. Without it in the turtle’s diet, it also leads to a vast array of health issues such as egg bound female turtles and soft shell.

Floating pellets

It is good to buy turtle food that remains afloat and make it simple for your turtle to eat.



Of course, it is tempting, when prepare cookies or a chocolate chip cake, to buy nuggets in a bag. However, these do not only have compensation, far from it. Here are some huge reasons to make your chocolate chips yourself.

It’s cheaper 

Chocolate chips are very luxurious per kilo (between keto cookies  € 12 and up to more than € 38 per kilo). A great deal more expensive in any case than a good old bar of chocolate to the pastry that you will reduce yourself into a nugget. On the wallet side, nothing like home-based chocolate chips to make, for example, these cookies with chocolate chips and pumpkin.

You can decide the size of your chocolate chips

Very generous or, on the contrary, tiny chocolate chips It is up to you to make a decision the size of your chocolate chips. By making them yourself, you will sublimate all your recipes, such as these chocolate chip financiers.


The quality of homemade nuggets is often superior

If you like chocolate, you are probably used to selecting it rigorously and opting for 100% pure cocoa butter, for example. Your homemade chocolate chips will usually be more flavorful than those on the bazaar. You will love them, especially in these very soft scones.

It’s very easy

To create chocolate chips, two potential. The first, and simplest: Take the preferred amount in a chocolate bar and coarsely crush pieces. Find the right hammer to cut the chocolate into nuggets of the size that suits you. Second option: melt the chocolate (without burning it, therefore not exceeding 55 ° C for dark chocolate and 45 ° C for milk chocolate). Almost twenty years ago, Result; the whole laboratory was filled with the delicious aroma of chocolate and freshly baked cakes.” Here’s how the trial worked. Baumeister and Tice stacked their hot cookies on a plate, next to a bowl filled with red and white radishes, and brought in a procession of student volunteers. They asked some students to stay there alone and eat only radishes, while the other group ate only cookies. Then each participant had to tackle a riddle designed to be not possible to solve. They found that those who ate chocolate chip cookies persisted in looking for a solution for an average of nineteen minutes – that is, about as long as a control group who had had nothing to do with it. eat at all